The book project

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The Revised Slackware Book Project

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Online Access to the Book of Mormon Critical Text Project

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The Bible Project

The English emblem books scanned for this project are cultural artifacts frequently used in the analysis of reading practices, printing history, Elizabethan popular culture, the use of allegory, and the relationship of word to image. Project Gutenberg Russia is a project that aims to collect public domain books in Slavic languages, Russian in particular.

The discussion of the project and its legal side began in April The word Rutenberg is a combination of words "Russia" and "Gutenberg". This website is the home of the Revised Slackware Book Project (the project).

The regulars on usagiftsshops.comare (a newsgroup) have been discussing the revision of "The Book", otherwise known as "Slackware Linux Essentials - The Official Guide To Slackware Linux", created by David Cantrell, Logan Johnson & Chris Lumens.

The East Bay Children’s Book Project helps build literacy by putting books into the hands of children who have little or no access to them. Working through individuals and organizations who help children in need, we have given out more than a million free books since opening our doors in May The Comic Book Project is a world-renowned literacy initiative that engages young people in the process of planning, writing, designing, and publishing original comic books.

SinceCBP has engaged more thanlearners in a creative process leading to academic achievement, social awareness, and community development. to the Children’s Book Project on GIVING TUESDAY November 27, 10 am – 8 pm Save the date to get your holiday shopping done while supporting both the Children’s Book Project and a wonderful independent bookseller!

The book project
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