Python projects

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Python projects in Visual Studio

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30 Amazing Python Projects for the Past Year (v.2018)

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Python is a powerful programming language that’s easy to learn and fun to play with.


But once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics. I know this isn't a question about a specific snippet of code or anything, but here goes - Python projects been messing around with the idea of learning Python since I'm pretty bored with PHP (and web development in general), but I can't think of any projects to help me learn.

Project Summaries¶. Summaries and links for the most relevant projects in the space of Python installation and packaging. Jul 01,  · Download Python(x, y) for free. Scientific-oriented Python Distribution based on Qt and Spyder. Python(x,y) is a free scientific and engineering development software for numerical computations, data analysis and data visualization based on Python programming language, Qt graphical user interfaces and Spyder interactive scientific development environment.

Interface options¶. The interpreter interface resembles that of the UNIX shell, but provides some additional methods of invocation: When called with standard input connected to a tty device, it prompts for commands and executes them until an EOF (an end-of-file character, you can produce that with Ctrl-D on UNIX or Ctrl-Z, Enter on Windows) is read.

Python is part of the winning formula for productivity, software quality, and maintainability at many companies and institutions around the world. Here are real-life Python success stories, classified by application domain.

Python projects
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