Fish cheeks language questions

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Questions w/Answer Key & Worksheet for A. Tan's

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Questions On Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan (absent)

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I use these questions to help my students gain a deeper understanding of Amy Tan's story about identity and assimilation. Questions can be used as a reading guide or as an assessment.

Questions with Answer Key for "Fish Cheeks" by Amy Tan4/5(5). question by asking what their table manners were like. 2. I will then introduce “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan. I will provide some background on Amy Tan (she is American born by her Chinese parents and is a writer in California).

Based upon the title “Fish Cheeks” and our introductory activity, I will ask the students to predict what they think that “Fish.

ITEM ANALYSIS FOR “FISH CHEEKS” WRITTEN AND ORAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS 12 Questions Place modifiers properly and use the active voice. 2 Identify and use infinitives and participles and make clear references between pronouns and antecedents. 2. Questions on Language 9.

The simile about Mary in the second sentence of the essay is surprising. Why?

Why is it amusing? How does the narrator's age affect the tone of this essay?


Give examples (2) of language particularly appropriate to a fourteen-year-old. Using the guided questions in the second section of the text, we discussed the meaning of “incident.” As a class we decided it meant an event. Students realized that numerous events lead up to the climax of a narrative, and we would consider the climax the “main incident” of the narrative.

"Questions on Writing Strategy" 1. Tan's statement "For Christmas I prayed for this blond-haired boy, Robert, and a slim new American nose." show directly from the beginning what Tan's true desire is for, she wants to fit in with the culture around her.


Fish cheeks language questions
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