East african rift

Great Rift Valley

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Large crack in East African Rift is evidence of continent splitting in two

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Great Rift Valley

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Large Crack In East African Rift Is Splitting The Continent In Two

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The East African Rift is part of the “Great Rift Valley” system discussed below. The East African Rift Valley, as the region is known, formed where the Somalian and Nubian plates are pulling away from the Arabian Plate. The eastern branch of the rift passes through Ethiopia. The East African Rift Valley stretches over 3,km from the Gulf of Aden in the north towards Zimbabwe in the south, splitting the African plate into two unequal parts: the Somali and Nubian plates.

The East African rift system is a series of several thousand kilometers long aligned successions of adjacent individual tectonic basins (rift valleys), separated from each other by relative shoals and generally bordered by uplifted shoulders.

The East African Rift is an excellent example of such activity. The rift in Kenya is so big that it will split Africa in two. “Rifts are the initial stage of a continent break-up and, if. The lakes along the Great African Rift Valley are among the largest fresh water lakes in the world.

They lie in depressions created by slow stretching and thinning of the east African continent over millions of years.

East african rift
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